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Going the extra mile for ICR

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FryerMiles are proudly supporting the Institute of Cancer Research.

FryerMiles Director, Leo Miles, along with friend of the business, Theresa, have made the courageous (and slightly ambitious!) decision to run the London Marathon in support of ICR.

And if that wasn’t a brave enough decision in itself, Leo has taken it a step further by also challenging himself to complete the London-Paris Bike Ride for the same cause.

It’s going to take some serious training, some mind-over-matter dedication and sheer determination, but they are 100% committed to completing these challenges in order to raise much needed funds for a charity that is so very close to their hearts. Please follow this link to visit the JustGiving page.

Why ICR?

Because Leo, has, like too many others, witnessed first-hand the devastating effect that a cancer diagnosis can have.

Leo’s mum has bravely fought her own battle against cancer, and thankfully is now in remission – thanks to the amazing research and advances that have been made by organisations like ICR.

Although Leo’s mum’s battles had a happy ending, sadly not everyone is as lucky – a close friend of Leo’s passed away on Thursday 13th September having been diagnosed with terminal cancer, following a previous battle with the illness. Vicky was 37 years old and an inspiration, she lived a full life, full of amazing times with her husband Daniel, family and friends and did as much charity work as she could.

FryerMiles hope to be able to do their share in memory of Vicky and so many others that fought courageously but sadly lost their fight against cancer. ICR is a charity very close to their hearts and they are passionate about raising vital funds for this very worthy cause so that so many more people can fight their battle, and win.

Help us make a difference

The research undertaken at The Institute of Cancer Research is expanding knowledge about this devastating disease and changing the way it is treated. They rely heavily on fundraising and the generosity of others, so any donation you can make will support them on their journey to making the discoveries that will, one day, beat cancer for good.

A message from Leo & Theresa

We are really excited (and in all honesty, a little terrified!) to complete both the London Marathon and the London-Paris bike ride in support of ICR.

We are so grateful for any donation you can make – each and every one will give us that extra motivational boost we need to complete these incredibly tough challenges – so thank you so much in advance for your support!

Please click here to visit our JustGiving page.

Thank you,

Leo & Theresa



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