Public Sector



FryerMiles is a preferred supplier to multiple local authorities across the UK, delivering temporary, contract and permanent recruitment to the Public sector. Our mission is to connect exceptional candidates with diverse opportunities in various local councils.

At FryerMiles, we recognise the pivotal role that local councils play in shaping communities and delivering essential public services. With a team of seasoned recruiters, we are dedicated to sourcing and placing top-tier talent that can make a significant impact in the Public sector.

Why choose us

Our profound understanding of the intricacies of the Public sector equips us to navigate its unique challenges, regulations, and requirements effectively.

Over the years, we have built a robust network of skilled professionals who are well-suited for a wide range of roles within local councils.

Whether our clients require temporary staff to manage short-term demands, contractors to handle specific projects, or permanent staff to drive long-term initiatives, we provide tailored recruitment solutions to match their needs.

We specialise in placing candidates across a spectrum of roles within local councils, including but not limited to Administrative roles, Planning and Housing, Finance Officers, Engineering & Surveying, Facilities & Environmental, IT Specialists, and more.

Our commitment to understanding our clients’ unique requirements ensures that we deliver candidates who align perfectly with the ethos and goals of their local councils.

We support candidates through every step of the recruitment process, providing them with valuable insights and resources to excel in interviews and thrive in their roles.

At FryerMiles we take pride in contributing to the growth and efficiency of local councils by facilitating the placement of dedicated professionals. Whether you’re a local council seeking qualified candidates or a candidate looking to make a difference in the Public sector, we are here to be your strategic recruitment partner. Connect with us today to explore how we can enhance your journey in the Public sector.